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  • Monthly highlight: November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

    Your workplace can support the lung health of your employees.

    On average, 73 Canadians will be diagnosed with lung cancer every day. Excluding non-melanoma skin cancers, it is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Canada and the leading cause of cancer death for both men and women.

    November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month across Canada, and this serves as a good time to think about how you can support lung health in your workplace and to reflect on and review your workplace smoking policy.

    A good tobacco-free policy has 2 main components: provides a tobacco-free work environment and support for employees who want to quit. If your workplace doesn’t have a smoking policy, make sure to include employees, management, unions, smokers and non-smokers in your process. They are important stakeholders that can provide input on what is realistic for your policy efforts. Once you establish your policy, or if you already have a policy in place, November can be a great time to think about ways you can provide support to employees who are looking to improve their lung health by quitting smoking. Using your internal communication streams, make sure all employees are aware of the support provided to them through your employee assistance program or community resources such as QuitNow.ca.

    For more information on Lung Cancer Awareness Month, visit Lung Cancer Canada. Learn more about the risks and signs of lung cancer and share this information with your employees: What is Lung Cancer.

Monthly highlight: November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

May 12th, 2015|Monthly highlight, tobacco|

Your workplace can support the lung health of your employees. [...]

  • Welcome to your new workplace wellness hub

    Did you know that the average working Canadian spends about 60% of their waking hours on the job? Did you also know that about one-third of all cancers can be prevented by eating well, being active and maintaining a healthy body weight? These 2 things combined show us that the workplace can become an ideal setting for improving overall health habits.

    Since 2012, the Canadian Cancer Society has been working with employers across the province to provide resources to businesses to help build healthier workplaces for British Columbians. Working together, we have helped over 500 employers and thousands of employees feel empowered to eat better, move more and know more about their health while at work!

    Our goal has always been to make wellness accessible to all, no matter the size of your business or the size of your budget, and with this new self-serve website, we feel closer to that goal than ever.

    This website will guide you through the process of starting a wellness program or will help those with established programs by providing them with great information and resources.

    As always, all this information is available to you for free, because everyone deserves to work in a healthy workplace!

    Stay up to date with the latest in workplace wellness.
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Welcome to your new workplace wellness hub

May 12th, 2015|Uncategorised, What's New|

Did you know that the average working Canadian spends about [...]

  • Business spotlight: Kootenay Savings

    When it comes to supporting employee health, you can bank on Kootenay Savings!

    Based out of British Columbia’s Southern Interior, Kootenay Savings has developed a long-term culture of workplace wellness. As a Healthy Workplaces Gold Extra Mile Award co-winner, Kootenay Savings sets the gold standard for supporting healthy living for all employees.

    Since connecting with Healthy Workplaces, Kootenay Savings has focused on 4 main topic areas: healthy eating, physical activity, mental health, and screening and early detection. Using the educate, act, support framework, each wellness topic has been supported through education initiatives, challenges and policy changes showing the level of commitment Kootenay Savings has to the health of their employees. Each of the challenges provided incentives through draws and points that could be redeemed through their innovative online reward catalogue.

    One notable fantastic element of their program is how they have integrated health and wellness into their new employee on-boarding process. Ensuring that each new employee knows about the wellness program lets their new hires know from the start that workplace health and wellness is important to their employer.

    Kootenay Savings’ vision is to be the best employer in the communities they serve – providing health and wellness programs now and in the future is a key way to do that.

Business spotlight: Kootenay Savings

May 12th, 2015|Business Spotlight|

When it comes to supporting employee health, you can bank on [...]

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