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Proline pro-ves bonus points work!

Check out how bonus points motivate team collaboration and strengthen organizational culture.

January’s Business Spotlight showcases a workplace that is not only dedicated to providing quality property management services for all types of real estate but is truly creative when it comes to enhancing the health and wellness of their employees.

We had the opportunity to chat with Damian from Proline Management to discover how he’s helped create successful Workplace Wellness initiatives and launch action-oriented campaigns.

In June 2018, Proline Management launched their largest wellness challenge of the year.

Damian: Recently we launched our 5th challenge since implementing our Wellness Committee almost three years ago and it’s the second time running the Proline Management Fitness Challenge. Every year we get more and more staff participation and we really try and base these challenges around group participation.

Staff are divided into groups of 4 and each team chooses a Team Captain. The Team Captains’ job is to collect the teams’ points for the week and email Damian, the Challenge Coordinator, the totals. Each week of the challenge, Damian posts the team’s points in the kitchen.

Staff will receive bonus points if they participate in physical activity together as a team such as going for a walk at lunch. The group holds each other accountable and team members find the social aspect highly beneficial.


Proline Management’s challenges have high participation rates with over 70% participating in their most recent Fitness Challenge. Damian attributes the high participation to their personable, friendly and relaxed working environment. He also mentions spending half of their budget on prizes helps to increase participation. Their challenge prizes usually include gift cards to sports stores, gym memberships, spa certificates, donations in the winner’s name to their favorite charity, and certificates to do events outside of the office like axe throwing and bowling.

Workplace Wellness Tip:

Looking to have employees “win” a challenge based on participation?

One way to track participation is to print off cards where employees can check off participating in a form of physical activity throughout the week. Employees submit their cards in a drop box at the front desk to then be entered into a draw to win prizes.

Everyone who participates gets a fair chance to win*

Damian: Proline Management also launches the Community Contribution Challenge. It is structured very similarly to our Fitness Challenge except points are rewarded based on volunteer work and donations. The two employees with the most points win a donation made by the Wellness Committee in their name to a charity or organization of their choice.

What do you find are the two key pieces to a successful workplace wellness program?

Damian: 1) Office Environment
Proline Management’s CEO is a huge supporter of health and wellness, he even recently completed a 104km race. Our management team values a healthy lifestyle which encourages our Wellness Committee to have full autonomy and really try new things. Everyone is always on board!

2) Social Interactive Initiatives
We design campaigns to encourage staff to participate together. If your individual goal is to go for a walk everyday alone, there is nobody holding you accountable and you may skip it. Doing activities as a group truly holds you accountable.

Proline Management Key Takeaways

  • Using incentives encourages participation. Figure out what motivates your employees and for incentive ideas, check out Healthy Workplaces

  • Healthy habits can be contagious- use the power of teams to take your health to the next level. Team building activities can create a sense of unity and comradery among employees. 

  • Workplace Wellness Challenges can increase internal collaboration and improve organizational culture. It can become a vital part of your company culture especially when senior management promotes and participates in your workplace wellness program.

  • Providing a supportive corporate culture allows everyone to feel part of a team, want to contribute and encourages participation. Make wellness a part of every day life at work.