Promote your program

Be sure to dedicate time and resources to actively communicate to employees about the wellness program in order to increase participation and engagement.

A communications strategy should be developed before launching the program. Most people need to see information presented to them in a variety of ways in order to process the information. Thinking about your workplace, what communication channels are available to you to leverage? Where do employees spend most of their time? Which of these channels or places will be an effective place for you to communicate about your program? Who are they inspired by?

Below are some common communication streams found in workplaces:

  • Lunchroom or bulletin board posters
  • Intranet or internal social channels
  • All staff emails
  • Team meetings
  • Word of mouth from wellness committee members

Rewards Program

Recognition programs and providing incentives for participation are great ways to boost participation in your wellness program. Research shows it can take a number of years for a wellness program to be built solidly into a workplace culture, so it is important to recognize and provide incentives to employees who champion wellness in the workplace.

Consider creating an internal structure where employees who champion wellness are rewarded with participation prizes, certificates or acknowledgement on internal communication streams.

According to SunLife Financial Study the most effective incentives include:

  • 66% personal time off

  • 27% money

  • 21% paid time to attend wellness iniatives

  • 17% draws for prizes 

Incentive Ideas

With Budget

  • Food voucher to healthy restaurant or grocery store
  • Desk plants
  • Gift certificates to health and wellness stores or a cooking class
  • Concert or event tickets
  • Spa gift certificates

Without Budget

  • Extra time off (full day off, hour off on a Friday, extended lunch hour)
  • Internal swag or merchandise
  • Extra dollar amount for their health and wellness fund (if part of company policy)
  • Opportunity to attend a company event as an honored guest

Brand your program

It is important for your wellness program to hold an identity and brand. This will help it become visible in your workplace and recognized by staff. Consider developing a name and logo for your program and include this information on all of your communications to staff. This is where you can get creative, so have fun with it!