Online resources

Canadian Cancer Society – Nutrition and Fitness
Canadian Diabetes Association – Eating well with Diabetes – Recipes
Dietitians of Canada – Nutrition A-Z
eaTracker – Recipe and Food Tracker – Approved by the Dietitians of Canada
Eat Right Ontario – Nutritional Related Information
Health Canada – Food and Nutrition
Healthy Families BC – Food and Nutrition
Stay Active Eat Health – Eat Healthy
American Cancer Society – Men’s Health Topics – Cancer Prevention
Canadian Men’s Health Foundation – Men’s Health Promotion
Centre for Disease Control – A-Z topics related to Men’s Health
Dads in Gear – Healthy Dad Resources
Don’t Change Much – Video Clips Pertaining to Men’s Health Concerns
Eat Right Ontario – Men’s Health Issues
Heads Up Guys – Mental Health
Powerplay – Men’s Health at Work
Six Workplace Health and Wellness Topics– Male dominated or Industrial Workplace Focus
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety – Poster Resource
Canadian Mental Health Association – General Mental Health Information and Resources
Health Canada – Coping with Stress
HealthLink BC – Managing Job Stress
Mind – For Better Mental Health – Mind Guide to Physical Activity
Healthy Families BC– Workplace Assessment Tool – Prevent Serious Injuries at Work
WorkSafe BC – Safety at Work
Alberta Centre for Active Living – Physical Activity @ Work – Links and Videos
Blue Cross – Sample physical activity promotion plan
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety – Active Living at Work
Canadian Diabetes Association – BMI Calculator and Information
Health Canada – Healthy Living – Physical Activity
Heart and Stroke Foundation – Online Exercises – Links to Health Magazines
ParticipAction – Get Moving
Stay Active Eat Healthy – Stay Active
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – Screening Information
Canadian Cancer Society– Early Detection and Screening
Canadian Dermatology Association – Skin Cancer Prevention Tips
Canadian Diabetes Association – Are You at Risk? Self Test
Canadian Centre for Occupation Health and Safety – Fact Sheets
HealthLink BC – Shift Work Sleep Disorder
Occupational Health Clinic For Ontario Workers Inc. – Shift Work: Health Effects and Solutions
Canadian Dermatology Association – Resources for sun safety
Canadian Cancer Society – Sun and UV Radiation
MedlinePlus – Sun Exposure/Sun Burn Fact Sheet
Sun Safety at Work – Outdoor Workers Program and policy
BC Cancer Agency – Education Modules for Clinicians and Non Clinicians
BC Ministry of Health – Smoke Free Places
Canadian Cancer Society – Smoking & Tobacco Information
Health Canada – Quit Smoking
QuitNow – Tobacco Cessation Resources
Run To Quit– Helping Smokers Quit Through Exercise
Canadian Women’s Health Network – A-Z topics related to Women’s Health
Centre for Disease Control – A-Z topics related to Women’s Health
Eat Right Ontario – Women’s Health Issues
Health Canada – Women’s Health
Heart and Stroke Foundation – Heart Disease and Stroke – Women
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