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Small Changes Challenge

Did you know October is Healthy Workplace Month? 

The Canadian Cancer Society Healthy Workplaces team is excited to challenge you to the Small Changes Challenge! 

The key to long lasting change is making a small change that leads to a BIG impact!  The Small Changes Challenge encourages participants to make a small change every day to build healthy workplace habits.   

From October 21st to November 1st, participants can choose one of three Small Changes Challenges to incorporate into their daily routine Participants who sign up will receive tips and tricks from the Healthy Workplaces Team to help you stay motivated and accountable throughout the Challenge.  Plus, by signing up you are automatically entered to win some incredible prizes.  

Do the challenge on your own, or get a group together at the office for a chance to win amazing prizes!  

Which one will you choose?

To sign up, click on a challenge below:

Challenge a colleague to make #SmallChanges from October 21st-Nov 1st for a chance to win amazing prizes!