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Brain building strategies for smart workplaces

The defining characteristics of humanity begin in the brain. The brain encodes and deciphers your entire sensory experience. It composes your thoughts, emotions and behaviours through a series of electrochemical signals. Brain Awareness Week, March 13-19, 2017 is an exciting time to introduce information and initiatives focused on brain health within your organization.

Collaborating with your workplace wellness committee you can encourage participation in brain exercises. These exercises could include any activity that challenges your brain beyond its usual routines and responses. For instance, you could start a book club where employees from all levels of your organization can come together to engage in creative discussion. This activity would enable co-workers to form meaningful social connections that support organizational culture and brain health!

Another socially interactive way to stimulate brain activity is to exchange skills or interests with a colleague. You might offer to teach knitting and in exchange learn words from a different language. To generate interest, post a sign-up sheet in a well-frequented area of your workplace where employees can fill in their name and skills that they can share with a co-worker. 

Brain health is also dependent on lifestyle factors such as healthy eating and physical activity. To promote healthy eating in your workplace consider planning Lunch ‘n’ Learns and providing nutritious foods for staff in attendance. If you don’t have budget for this check with your employee assistance program provider to see what they can offer in terms of free Lunch ‘n’ Learns, and encourage employees to bring healthy food to share. To address physical activity in your workplace your organization can develop a physical activity policy or review and update your existing policy. A comprehensive physical activity policy outlines the range of resources your organization will allocate to create opportunities for physical activity. To access physical activity ideas that you can implement in your workplace look to our Workplace Wellness topics page.

You can access more information on boosting brain health through the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada website. They provide a range of fun activity ideas and a brain health brochure that can enrich the minds of your employees.