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February is Heart Month

The heart is one of the body’s major organs; it pumps fresh oxygenated blood out to the body and sustains life. This February as you pay attention to matters of the heart, take note of your heart health as well, because it has a profound impact on your wellbeing.

Since the average working Canadian spends about 60% of their waking hours in the workplace, it is an important environment in which to implement strategies that promote heart health. Heart Month is the perfect time for your organization to set a collective goal to improve the heart health of your employees. You could do this by adding small doses of exercise, such as stretch breaks or step challenges, into your workplace routine. You might also choose to focus on healthy eating by swapping out sugary drinks, such as pop, for a healthier alternative such as fruit infused water. To substitute the sweetness of the sugary drinks you could encourage employees to exchange sweet messages or expressions of gratitude. This practice would create a socially supportive atmosphere that relieves stress and boosts employee moral!

Using internal communication channels to speak to supervisors, management, and employees you can better understand what areas of heart health could be addressed in the workplace. To help employees identify individual risk factors and areas for improvement you can share the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s free online risk assessment. This tool specifies health and lifestyle factors that are heart health risks, assists with goal setting to improve your heart health according to specific risk factors, and provides additional resources to help transition to a healthier lifestyle. It provides focused feedback to individual employees and can help jump-start your wellness program. If employees are willing to share the results of their risk assessments, your organization can use this information to propose collective heart health goals that are targeted towards the most prevalent heart health risks. By supporting health initiatives in the workplace your organization has the potential to gain the wholehearted appreciation of its employees and experience an increase in productivity.

You can access more resources and information regarding heart health at the Heart and Stroke foundation website. To get in touch with educational materials or to find actionable ideas for improving heart health in the workplace you can visit our Workplace Wellness Topics pages.