The Top 5 Tips on Maintaining Physical Activity in the Workplace

These are our top 5 tips on how to stay active in the workplace:

1. Active Commuting

If possible, try leaving the car at home and cycle or walk to work instead! You can also park your car a little further away from your destination, or get off the bus a few stops early. If using public transport, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or climb up the escalator whenever possible. By actively commuting on your way to work, you’ll start your day off with an energy boost. Check out our Active Commuting challenge for some ideas!

2. Go for a Walk

Whenever you can, take a walk. Whether it’s walking meetings, or walking on your lunch break, make sure to move whenever you can. You can challenge yourself by walking for a few minutes every hour!

3. Stand Up Regularly and Stretch

The best way to reduce long periods of sitting is by standing up. Take a break every hour, get up from your chair and do some stretching. Check out our stretch toolkit for some stretching exercises that you can do from your desk.

4. Incorporate Small Changes Into Your Routine

Try to incorporate some movements in your workday. Get up and speak to your co-workers versus emailing them, go to the common area more frequently and grab a glass of water, send your print job to the furthest printer etc.. You’ll be surprised by the difference a few extra steps make.

5. Do It Together

Get your colleagues together and encourage each other to be active! Whether it’s partaking in some of our challenges, or creating your own challenge, an active workplace is beneficial for everyone involved. To take part in our challenges, subscribe here!