About the Extra Mile Awards

The Extra Mile Awards were created to recognize the hard work and effort of businesses committed to building strong workplace wellness programs. The nomination process also serves to help businesses with their continued workplace health promotion program planning and development.

Award timeline

The deadline for submitting an application is March 2, 2018.

Who can apply for an award?

The awards program is open to all BC businesses that have more than 5 employees and can demonstrate their commitment to workplace health promotion through the strategies recognized by the Canadian Cancer Society’s healthy workplaces portfolio.

CCS staff are not eligible to enter.

How do the awards work?

Businesses can apply in 1 of 3 Extra Mile Awards categories – Gold, Silver or Bronze. The category is determined by a set of criteria listed in the nomination process. Additionally, outstanding business applications will also be considered for a Special Recognition Award in 1 of the 5 categories listed below (no separate application form).

Past Extra Mile Awards finalists and nominees may re-enter into the same or alternative categories the following year.

Extra Mile Awards

Award Categories

Special Recognition Awards

Award Categories
Health Education
Health Innovation Award
Best Small Business Award
Top Senior Management Support
Top Wellness Champion

Why should my business apply?

Workplace wellness programs are good for both employees and the employer. There is good evidence to show that wellness programs can help reduce employer healthcare costs, improve employee health, boost morale and increase productivity.¹ They can also help to attract new talent and help retain and engage current employees.

The benefits of receiving a CCS Healthy Workplaces Extra Mile Award include:

  • recognition for your work as a champion for workplace health promotion and an inspiration to other workplaces
  • the ability to use the award as a promotional tool for recruitment purposes
  • prize packages for winners


Conference board of Canada, making the business case for investments in workplace health and wellness, 2012