Commit to Be Fit Challenge

Throughout the month of May, Healthy Workplaces is challenging workplaces to take part in the 4-week Commit to be Fit Challenge! 

Each week has a new exciting activity, which can be done individually or collectively as a team. The goal of this challenge is to encourage employees to make small, positive changes by incorporating physical activity into their daily lives 

 The Canadian Cancer Society recommends that all adults aim for 30 minutes of moderate daily activity that gets your heart going.  Given that the average Canadian spends 60% of their waking hours on the job, the workplace becomes an ideal setting for healthy physical activity changes. Physical activity is something everyone can do—whether this means going for a mid-afternoon walk or taking a yoga class with a work buddy.  We encourage workplaces to consider activities to include everyone. It is designed for people of all activity levels, so all employees are welcome to participate! 

 The Commit to be Fit Challenge is simple, no registration is required.  Healthy Workplaces developed a toolkit to support you in launching the Commit to Be Fit Challenge during the month of May within your workplace. Employees will keep track of the number of days per week they exercised either by tracking activities/steps through one of the apps we’ve provided or recording the information—all while embracing a new healthy habit! 

The best part is the Healthy Workplaces team is here to support you throughout the entire month long challenge! Now let’s get active together! 

Sign up before April 26, 2019 to receive the Commit to Be Fit resources!