Screening & early detection

The workplace can be an ideal setting to promote messages around health screening, including cancer. Employers can encourage and assist employees in learning more about individual risk for many chronic diseases through prevention and screening.


Do you want to provide information on screening and early detection to employees? Download Educate for information to share with employees through newsletters, posters or other internal communications. Topics include fact sheets and tips on promoting screening in the workplace, early detection guidelines, chronic disease specific information and more.




Providing opportunities and activities that encourage employees to look into screening and early detection helps to bridge the gap between education and action. As part of creating a healthy workplace, build in activities that encourage employees to receive proper screening and early detection practices like providing them with a screening and early detection game plan card.

Screening & Early
Detection Challenge

Screening &
Referral Card


Supporting screening and early detection in the workplace is important. One way is through the use of organizational policies that support employees in making healthy living choices. 

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